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    The Canandaigua Fire Company was formed under an ordinance passed by Village trustees on April 22, 1816.  They named the group Engine Co. 1. In June, the trustees voted to purchase a fire engine, hooks, rope, ladders, leather buckets and hose to establish public wells in various parts of the Village.  The hand pumper purchased was the first  “Fire engine” to operate in New York State west of Utica, NY.

      Engine Company No. 1 received the Villages first steam fire engine in 1870. Around the same time Engine Company No. 1 changed its name to Steamer Company No.1

Erina Hose 1843 Hand Pumper

     At the regular meeting of Steamer Company No. 1 on March 1, 1888 the members present made an amendment to the constitution proposed as follows “that sec. 1 of article 1 be amended so to read “This association shall be known as Erina Hose Company No. 1 of Canandaigua NY and shall be composed of firemen appointed by said village and of such persons as the Company may elect.”

     March 26, 1888 the last meeting of the Steamer Company No. 1 was held.

     April 5, 1888 the first meeting of the Erina Hose Company No. 1 was held with 21 members present.

    Although Engine Company No. 1 and Steamer Company No. 1 were located in various fire stations from 1816 to 1870 the most recognizable is the Erina Hose firehouse at 13 Niagara St.  Steamer Company No. 1 first moved into 13 Niagara St in 1870 and then with the name change in 1888 to Erina Hose Company No. 1. The Erina Hose Company remained there until May 1990 when a new fire station was opened at the corner of South Main and Phelps Streets, the first time all the volunteer fire companies in Canandaigua were housed under the same roof.

Erina's Hose Wagon circ. 1885
    The Erina Hose Company No. 1 and it s preceding names operated Hand drawn Hand pumpers from 1816-1870. They operated a Silsby Steam Fire Engine from 1870-1885. A municipal water supply system was established in 1884 and therefore a steamer was no longer needed. The Steamer was replaced in 1885 by a horse drawn Hose Wagon until 1917.

13 Niagara St. circ. 1990
                                                                                In 1917 the first motorized fire apparatus for the Engine Company No. 1 was put in service, a 1917 White Chemical Engine... The Merrill Hose Company No. 2 received the first motorized fire apparatus in 1914 a White Chemical Engine, as a donation from Mrs. Mary Clark Thompson.  In 1931 the delivery of an American LaFrance 1000 gpm pumper was delivered and the 1917 White was placed in reserve status.  
Erinas 1917 White Chemical truck

Erina's 1931 American LaFrance

1955 Seagraves
1971 Young-Ford
     A 1955 “coffin nose” Seagraves 750 gpm pumper replaced the 1931 American LaFrance which in turn replaced the reserve 1917 White.  In 1971 a Ford/Young 1000gpm pumper was placed into service and the Seagraves went into reserve. In 1987 a KME 1500 gpm pumper replaced the Young and the Young then became a reserve piece. Although not referred to as the “Erina’s” truck anymore the current Company No. 1 apparatus is a 2003 Crimson/Spartan 1500gpm pumper. 
LEFT - 1987 KME Feb. 1987 dedication
BELOW - South Main Street Station as it is today
RIGHT - 2003 Crimson dedication Jan. 2004


     The Erina Hose Company No. 1 membership was traditionally made up of the Irish/Catholic.  President John F. Kennedy accepted an honorary membership to the Erina Hose Company after he was elected the first Irish/Catholic President of the United States of America. President Kennedy’s letter of acceptance from the White House is in the Erina Hose Company historical archives.  Today the membership is open to all persons regardless of race or religion.